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Our Leadership

Tom O’Brien

Tom O’Brien


Tom O’Brien is the President of Weather Group, the parent company of The Weather Channel television network – America's Most Trusted TV News Network – and OTT streaming service, Local Now. He also serves as Executive Vice President of Allen Media Group.? ? As President...

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Michael Senzon

Michael Senzon

Senior Vice President?and General Manager of Local Now

Michael Senzon serves as Senior Vice President?and General Manager of Local Now, The Weather Channel’s OTT and mobile streaming service.?In this role, Michael oversees all aspects of Local Now's business and operations.?Local Now provides local news, weather, movies and...

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Barbara Bekkedhal Headshot

Barbara Bekkedahl

Senior Vice President, Ad Sales

As the senior vice president of ad sales for Weather Group and Entertainment Studios' portfolio of premiere media brands, Barbara Bekkedahl leads the sales team to?deliver value and innovation to advertising partners. Barbara?is responsible for driving overall ad revenue...

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Brian Roof

Brian Roof

Senior Vice President and Chief Counsel

As Senior Vice President and Chief Counsel for Weather Group, Brian Roof leads and oversees all legal and business affairs matters for The Weather Channel, Local Now and other businesses of the company. Prior to joining the network in 2019, Brian served as General...

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Bill Higgs

Bill Higgs

Chief Financial Officer

Bill Higgs serves as chief financial officer at The Weather Channel television network and Allen Media Broadcasting. In this role, he combines financial and strategic expertise to build value, increase profitability and assess risk. Bill has more than 30 years of diverse...

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Melody Smalls

Melody Smalls

Chief Human Resources and Compliance Officer

Melody Smalls serves as chief human resources and compliance officer for The Weather Channel television network where she leads all development and execution of human resource strategies while maximizing organizational performance and attracting and retaining talent.?She...

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Nora Zimmett Headshot

Nora Zimmett

Chief Content Officer and Executive Vice President

Nora Zimmett serves as Chief Content Officer and Executive Vice President for The Weather Channel television network. Nora oversees all aspects of the network’s live and original programming, and its world-renowned storm coverage. She also oversees all weather content...

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